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Basic Pool Inspection (Includes a visual inspection of the pool and its equipment, photos of any problem areas, references to professionals in the appropriate trades when applicable, basic water chemistry test, and an online report with helpful web links emailed to both customer & agent) $165

Pool and Built-in Spa Inspection (same as above plus visual spa and heater inspection)  $190

Out of Area Fee: Applies to inspections more than 30 miles away from our facility $40

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because we strive to be as objective as possible and avoid conflicts of interest, we do not perform any services/repairs on the pools we inspect. However, in lieu of repairs, we do provide referrals to quality professionals/contractors in the appropriate trades. For example, if you need an electrician, we will provide at least two referrals to licensed electricians in the area. Thank you for understanding.

Our Services:  
At Clear Pool Inspections, we take care to provide our customers with a high quality pool inspection designed to help you know the condition of the swimming pool and its equipment.  Click here for a sample report

Our services include the following: