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Weekly Pool Care Checklist:
This is the basic maintenance routine I followed for years to keep the pools on my route looking great all year long (I hope you find it useful): 

Turn on the pool pump before brushing the pool
Add water to the pool if necessary (The water line should cover the opening of the skimmer at least half-way)
Brush the pool walls, steps, and shallow end with a vinyl pool brush
Skim the surface of the pool with a net and remove any organic debris
Empty the skimmer baskets, and then turn off the pump. Empty the pump basket and the pool sweep bag
Test the water for chlorine, ph, and alkalinity: 
Total chlorine should be between 3-5 ppm (if chlorine is low, add 1-2 lb. of chlorine shock to the pool water while the pump is running). Add chlorine tabs to your feeder weekly to maintain chlorine levels.
ph should read between 7.4-7.8, (if it is high add a quart of muriatic acid to the pool while the pump is running, and let it circulate for 2 hrs) (If ph is low, add soda ash according to the directions on the container)
Total alkalinity should be between 80-120 ppm (add sodium bicarbonate or "alkalinity increaser" to the pool according to the directions on the container).
Monitor the pressure of your filter, when it rises 10 psi above your starting pressure it is time to clean it. Normally this maintenance task is performed in the spring and fall. If an algae outbreak occurs, weekly cleaning of the filter will be required until the pool clears up.
If chemicals have been added, allow the pool to run for at least 1-2 hours before swimming.
Enjoy your pool!